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We offer Polypropylene and Polythene offering solutions for every scenario including a new range of compostable packaging films


Polypropylene is the choice material for many packing applications.

Polypropylene is widely used due to its relatively low cost; it’s high clarity; strength and good machine ability.

Polypropylene is available in a variety of different grades; each grade has a different characteristics for your the individual application.

We can supply the correct blend tailored to suit your products; please ask for more information.

Plain OPP:

This is a low cost all purpose film. That is widely used for packing bakery products such as cakes; confectionery and morning goods.

The versatility of orientated polypropylene makes it easy to use; on many different types; of packaging machinery.

Cast PP:

With a very high gloss finish Cast PP is widely used in bagging applications.

Available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the end use.

Of course Polypropylene is excellent to print and give a wonderful finish.

Cast polypropylene can be micro perforated.

Polypropylene Rolls available for Machine filling applicatiojns

Polypropylene Rolls available for Machine filling applications

 Barrier Films:

Products that are susceptible to oxygen migration; moisture or UV light. Can all  benefit from using barrier films.

Barrier films, can be less expensive than laminated films; when used on their own.

Some usual applications are biscuits; confectionery and chocolate box overwrap etc.

WHITE / PEARLISED Oriented Polypropylene:

These films are used to give exceptional pack presentation; particularly effective when printed.

The enhanced depth of the white; looks superb when overprinted with colours and produces a pack with an outstanding gloss finish.

This in turn; creates a luxury look and feel to the product.

This film is recommended for packaging of any product requiring superior shelf appeal.

Works well with laminates or on its own as a single layer.


We can combine the unique elements of single web films; with a wide variety of other high performance films; to create a bespoke laminate.

Laminates can be crafted to suit the appearance;  shelf-life; performance and machinability;  for most packaging lines.

Here are some examples of the more commonly used combinations:-


We supply these combinations to  VFFS or HFFS packers in preference to single webs; mainly due to the improved presentation when the film is printed.

Inks are sandwiched between the film layers; this gives a glossy; scuff-resistant finish.

This also protects the machine Jaws from ink contamination; thus reducing down time for cleaning the jaws.

CPP sealing layers give improved resistance to scuffing or scratching, on the inside layers of film when packing abrasive products such as nuts; lentils; rice; etcetera.

OPP –Low Density Polyethylene laminates:

When seal integrity is essential. the choice

A quality hot-tack PE handles most seal contamination issues; it also supports a heavy pack weight.

When polythene is combined with metallised PET layer; we can create a premium ‘foil style’ appearance plus excellent oxygen; moisture and light barrier properties.

These films are ideal for: Dry foods; flours; sauces etcetera.

Time Flexible Packaging; offer a variety of solutions; for the packing of sauces and pulses.
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