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Time Flexible Packaging Print Technical Service

Printability: Our print service team know that even though; the design may look excellent on paper; or on the computer screen; that does not mean it will conform to the technical parameters needed to reproduce the artwork on the printing press.

By working together with you and your designers; we can advise the best way to achieve; the perfect end result. Offering you the optimum quality for your product.

Our expertise can ensure the appearance and shelf impact; are conforming to  your vision for your Brand.

This will also ensure importantly it remains economical to print.

Print/Design Liaison: Our customers are actively encouraged; to consult with our print team at all stages of the artwork design process; Our joint input can often mean expensive technical problems are avoided thus; allowing your project to progress quickly with less cost.

We can of course provide cutter guides for design lay-out; for the assistance of your designers. We can advise where we it could be possible to achieve ‘commonality’ in order to; reduce origination and plate costs.

Quality: Barcode size; colour of the barcode and scan-ability of the barcode. We advise on style and size of text for  ingredients listing. We also advise on the positioning of; logos / eye-marks; etcetera. These are all the integral parts of our print checking procedures.

A member of our print team; will attend the press pass representing you. For every new print thus; ensuring that the quality compliance benchmark is set for all future re-prints.

With all repro; pre-press work and printing; controlled in the UK. You are guaranteed ease and continuity; of quality throughout the entire process; to ensure your Brand quality. You are invited to our studio. for your own input at any stage and also you will e=be invited to pass the job on press yourself.



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