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Our consultancy services

Ever wondered where to turn when things do not go quite as you want them to? At Time Flexible Packaging we offer a consultancy service that works on your behalf. We work to help rectify things on your behalf.
Printing Issues
Time Flexible Packaging can give you unrivalled expertise on your side. Our printing expert can identify print issues and highlight the causes, these issues your suppliers try to gloss over. Your suppliers hope to blind you with science. by using the services of Time Flexible Packaging you gain a position of strength.
Film issues
Film issues com in a variety of guises, your supplier will never admit fault for film issues, the issues with film can be difficult to understand, it can be more difficult to express the problems to your suppliers. Time Flexible Packaging have the experience and knowledge to be able to identify the faults and to suggest the reason for the faults to your suppliers. this gives you strength to challenge your supplier with the knowledge you need.
Bag and Pouch issues
With Time Flexible Packaging you get our vast and intense knowledge of packaging we can identify the issues and challenge your Bag and Pouch supplier, it our sincere belief that as a customer you deserve the best possible products, we are your personal experts.



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